The tourist hotspot Hurghada on the Red Sea in Egypt attracts not only sun worshipers and culture-hungry tourists to the country. In the real estate and investment sector, too, the country and Hurghada in particular offer very tempting opportunities for investors, but also for private individuals who want to fulfill their dream of owning a home, an apartment on the Red Sea. The market is very mixed, there are countless individual sales (called resales) on the market, and almost every day new planned resorts (still under construction or in planning) come into the spotlight and are always advertised to the searchers with great promises and beautiful pictures. This offers good chances of getting a property with a “prime location” for relatively little money, but there are also many dangers of simply losing your money if you “bet on the wrong horse”!

However, since it is very tedious and time-consuming for outsiders to check this mass of offers and make the right assessment of how “stable” and sure the individual projects actually are, it is always helpful and advisable to have an experienced partner at your side who has already carried out this extensive preparatory work and filtered the best options from this wide range of offers based on important and logical criteria so that you can finally concentrate fully on your individual needs during the review.

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