An absolutely unique resort in the “jungle style” concept. Using many authentic materials such as bamboo, natural stones, and lots and lots of green, the building contractors have managed to create a small oasis in Hurghada. The limited number of residential units ensures that there will be enough space for everyone at the huge pool. And the “Jungle Clubhouse” invites you to a cold drink or a shisha, but parties with friends and guests are also celebrated here regularly!

A small green oasis and energy point, a retreat, and a home with greenery and a unique atmosphere!
Get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday life – come into the “Jungle”!
The resort welcomes its residents and guests with an incomparable atmosphere, and energy, greenery, a large pool, and a “clubhouse” where you can celebrate, grill, chill and relax together!
The limited number of apartments ensures that this unique project will not be overcrowded and that there will be enough space for all residents and guests in the lovingly maintained outdoor facilities.
It is a very positive and homely place with a friendly, open-minded, and warm community, almost like a small family, to which the entire team “behind the scenes” belongs, who always tries to keep the area nice, cozy, and clean.
More than just stones and concrete – “Jungle” is a feeling, a lifestyle, a home!!