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The experts of the VTGooo Group have set themselves the task of providing our customers in this sector with extensive service, the highest level of expertise, experience, and hand-picked properties from the best and most promising projects in Hurghada on the Red Sea.
Our years of experience and our extensive knowledge of the real estate market, its development, and not least, our activities as a project planner for various well-known developers, qualify our experts to be the best point of contact for all those who are looking to own a property as a holiday home or investment, regardless of whether it is an investment property or as a source of passive income from rental income.

The location; Hurghada on the Red Sea in Egypt offers suitable, promising, and safe options for all concerns, wishes, and plans.
However, since it is very tedious and time-consuming to find and verify them, it is always helpful to have an experienced partner at your side who has already done this extensive preparatory work and provides the best options for you to choose from!

And this is where we, the VTGooo Group, come in with our specific qualifications! We always keep an eye on the market and work closely with numerous developers, whom we have selected ourselves from a critical point of view, but always in the interest of our customers, in order to provide you with a fast and precise consultation and placement service!

The following projects and object categories are currently in our portfolio:

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Hot Offers

60 m² 1 bed 1 bath
95 m² 2 beds 1 bath
296 m² 4 beds 3 baths
, 50,000.00
90 m² 2 beds 1 bath
, 1,850,000.00
54 m² 1 bed 1 bath
, 63,200.00
61 m² 1 bed 1 bath
, 1,350,000.00
62 m² 1 bed 1 bath
, 950,000.00
62 m² 1 bed 1 bath
59 m² 1 bed 1 bath
94 m² 2 beds 1 bath
190 m² 3 beds 2 baths

Developments & Resorts

Shal Hasheesh


Shal Hasheesh



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